Tips for Buying & Selling Silver Bullion & Coins Online

Recently, gold and silver prices have risen to record highs, resulting in an increase in demand for gold and silver coins. Nonetheless, consumers should avoid making impulse purchases or selling items before researching their potential value.

Dupre Coins & Precious Metals warns everyone against cold-callers or mobile offices that offer instant cash for gold and silver coins set up in motels. Don’t let anyone pressure you into making impulsive decisions. Be patient, be informed, and don’t make any impulsive purchases.

We recommend following the checklist below when buying or selling gold or silver bullion coins in our gold selling guide:

Your bullion dealer’s reputation and expertise are important. 

Your dealer needs to be a respected name in the industry with experience buying and selling bullion in fluctuating markets. Dupre Coins & Precious Metals dealers adheres to a strict code of ethics. 

Learn how much precious metals cost per ounce. 

Check the spot price of gold, silver, and platinum for that day before making a transaction. Fractional gold pieces (1/10th, 1/4th, and 1/2 ounce) are likely to cost more than one-ounce pieces over melt value.

Arrange for timely delivery.

Obtain a written confirmation of the delivery date from the seller if immediate delivery is not possible. You should then proceed with the purchase.

Investing involves risk. 

The best way to protect yourself when you buy bullion coins for investment purposes is to learn as much as you can about the coins before you buy them. Impulsive buyers often overpay for bullion coins. Gold and silver prices cannot be predicted with certainty and there are no guarantees that they will remain at current levels or increase.

How Do I Invest in Precious Metals?

You need to seek out a reputable precious metals dealer with years of attested industry experience before you can begin the process of a precious metals investment or as you proceed to sell and buy gold silver bullion and coins online. With over 40 years of professional expertise and excellent customer service, Dupre Coins offers a vast inventory of bullion and other precious metals. 

Get started today on your journey of preserving your wealth with precious metals with our buying silver bullion tips! 

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