Dupre Coins Buys or Sells Your Precious Metals and Jewelry in Mandeville LA

When buying or selling precious metals like gold, three factors must be considered:

  • Where will you buy or sell your gold?
  • How much is your gold worth?
  • What are the tax implications?

When it comes to investing in precious metals, understanding how to buy or sell gold or silver safely is often overlooked. Knowing what to expect when it comes to liquidating gold or silver is equally important as accumulating gold in the first place.

Decide Between Your Options: Where to Buy or Sell Gold Online

A professional bullion dealer is best suited to handle the purchase or sale of your precious metals. Local coin shops can often handle this task.

Professional dealers, for example, will pay you more for your gold than any other option. By far, they are also the most secure and safest place to sell gold. 

Sell Gold Online or in a Physical Location

If you decide to sell gold to a bullion dealer, the next step is to decide whether to sell in person or online. With the convenience of the internet, many dealers will let you sell gold online to them. It is likely that you will need to take photos of the items, fill out a sales form, and allow the dealer enough time to make an offer.

At Dupre Coins, we buy scrap metals, junk silver, bullion, jewelry, coins, watches, etc. Our appraisal process is simple and streamlined, involving just three steps: 

Let Us See Your Precious Metals

You can send us pictures of your items via our website or bring them in person to our store. We will professionally appraise them.

Receive A Quote

We will provide an estimated offer range within an hour for each item submitted.

Finalize Sale And Get Paid

After we have agreed on a price, we will pay you for your items by cash, check, ACH Transfer, or wire transfer.

We at Dupre Coins value quality service and guarantee to give you the best offer in buying and selling precious metals and jewelry in Mandeville, LA and nationwide. To learn more about other forms of selling in the industry, check out our scrap metal page.

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