A Guide to Dealing with Online Coin Dealers

Collectors and investors alike rely heavily on coin dealers. There are also online coin dealers, which is a convenient alternative to visiting a local dealer. Collectors and investors who do not live near coin shops or who want coins that the local dealers do not offer will benefit from online coin dealers.

The wonderful thing about coin dealers in general is that the majority of them are very courteous and extremely knowledgeable about the coins they buy and sell. They will do their best to fulfill any coin wish lists that you have and are willing to answer any questions about the coins you’re curious about.

Following are a few tips on how to choose a coin dealer and shop at the dealer’s store so you have an enjoyable and successful experience. To begin with, let’s consider the various types of coin dealers that you may be seeking.

Know the Types of Coin Dealers

Coin dealers come in many varieties. The types of coins that coin professionals sell tend to differentiate them. For example, some specialize in rare coins, rare coins, foreign coins, and collectible coins.

  • U.S. silver coins
  • U.S. gold coins
  • U.S. copper coins
  • Early U.S. type coins
  • 19th-century U.S. coins
  • 20th-century U.S. coins
  • Modern U.S. coins (1950-present)
  • Silver and gold bullion coins
  • Error coins
  • Canadian coins
  • World coins (both Canadian and non-Canadian)

A coin dealer often focuses even more specifically on certain coin series within those common categories. For example, a silver dollar dealer may only deal in silver dollars, while a 20th-century coin dealer may specialize in quarters and half dollars bearing Standing Liberty. Ancient coins are also purchased or sold by some dealers. Some investors focus on buying and selling silver and gold coins. The number of dealers who sell low- to moderately priced, “common” foreign and United States coins is also large. The list goes on.

How Do you Find Reputable Coin Dealers?

Use Google to search for coin dealers in your area or refer to your phone book to find a dealer near you. If you are planning on visiting a local coin dealer, you may want to check the shop’s website to find out its hours of operation and whether they accept walk-in customers (most, but not all do). To gather this information if the shop does not have a website, you can call the shop. You can easily find coin dealers online if you do a web search for “coin dealers” and the kind of coin you desire.

In order to make sure you’re choosing good online coin dealers in Mandeville LA, you should look for a few basic things, regardless of whether you’re shopping in person or online.

  • A good rating
  • Acceptance of many payment types 
  • Solid return policies
  • Use of recent price guides to set sales prices 
  • Declares a grading standard

If you have questions, most coin dealers would be more than happy to explain things to you or teach you something. Most coin dealers don’t rip people off. Those who work for them do so because they love what they do and hope to serve the communities of coin collectors and coin investors to the best of their ability. Enjoy yourself, and buy the coins you like.

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