3 Tips for Selling Precious Metals

We are living in a gold rush today. Advertisements on TV offer cash for gold at shops around town. There are a lot of ads on the internet promising to pay you for gold. What is the best way to start? And, most importantly, what steps do you need to take to avoid being scammed?

The question of gold comes up constantly, and we also receive a lot of it. To provide you with this gold selling guide, our experts have worked together. In this gold selling guide, you can find our gold selling tips. We also have a post delving into this process more on our how to invest in gold or silver article.

  1. Is selling gold a good idea?

All of us have sentimental attachments to certain things. But sentiment does not usually translate into money when you sell your gold. Thus, you should sell gold items that you will not regret selling or feel guilty about selling.

  1. Do I have real gold?

Today’s gold is more likely to display its hallmarks. You can determine whether a metal is gold based on these tests, which can give you an idea of its purity. It is important to keep in mind that hallmarks can sometimes be forged.

Having an old gold piece appraised first is recommended if it has no hallmarks. There may be a missing or unusual hallmark on vintage items.

  1. How do hallmarks distinguish gold from other metals?

Due to its high cost, pure gold is not often used for jewelry or other gold items. Gold that isn’t pure is usually mixed with zinc or copper. By doing so, it becomes stronger.

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