Online Reputable Coin Dealers: What Some Bullion Dealers Aren’t Telling You

Dupre Coins was one of the leading companies to buy and sell gold and silver bullion coins online. We started buying and selling precious metals online when there were a handful of companies dealing in. Today, it seems as if a new gold and silver bullion company is launching every week.

Although many of these companies offer gold and silver bullion coins at low and competitive prices, we have found that they do not tell the whole story about gold and silver. In many cases, the information they promote is intentionally misleading or the person giving it is terribly misinformed.

Knowledge is King

Making a wise investment decision requires knowledge, insight, and education. We believe an educated buyer is the best buyer. A clear understanding of your goals and objectives is essential before a penny is spent. Our gold and silver specialists will custom-tailor a plan to meet your goals.

Fact Check

Online bullion dealers may seem like a fine and well-run company, but they don’t tell you they have large short positions in gold and silver to protect themselves from downside risks. For example, knowing what the going gold market price is crucial to making a high-value acumen decision.

In the paper gold and silver markets, those who send money to such an operation expose themselves to counterparty risk. Even though the online bullion company had no fault at all with your order, your money could be seized and you may not receive it. Low priced bullion dealers, who all hedge their inventory in paper gold and silver markets, are subject to counterparty risk because of this.

Dupre Coins holds no hedges, adding an extra layer of security and protection against counterparty risk.

Everytime, you deal with Dupre Coins, one of the major online coin dealers in Mandeville LA, in buying and selling bullion, scrap metals, junk silver, jewelry, coins, etc. you’re 100% protected. 

We take you through a secure appraisal process that involves 3 steps. 

Step #1: Let Us See Your Precious Metals

We professionally appraise your items whether you send them to us through our website or bring them to our store.

Step #2: Receive A Quote

A range of estimated offers for each item will be provided within an hour.

Step #3: Finalize Sale And Get Paid

After we have agreed on a price, we will pay you for your items by cash, check, ACH Transfer, or wire transfer.
If you’re looking for online coin dealers in Mandeville LA and would like more information, visit . You can contact us on +19853731113

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