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Whether buying, selling, or appraising, we use our knowledge and experience to provide the best customer service in the precious metals industry.

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We are your one-stop shop for all aspects of precious metals.

Sell Precious Metals

Have gold or silver that you no longer wish to hold? We’ll gladly take it off of your hands at the best price possible.

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Invest in Precious Metals

We proudly sell gold and silver to those seeking financial security and stability via a sound investment.


We utilize over 40 years of expertise to render the most accurate price possible for your wares.

Learn Why to Invest

We provide a plethora of information explaining why precious metals are the best investment that you can make.

About Us

At Dupre Coins, We Strive to Provide the Best Quality Service and A Safe Environment to Buy or Sell Your Precious Metals and Jewelry. We Value Our Customers Opinion and Are Always Willing to Go the Extra Mile. We Love Precious Metals Because It Is a Worldwide Accepted Investment and Outperforms Any Fiat Currency, Especially the Ever-Inflating U.S. Dollar. Trying to find coin dealers or shop near me? Then give us a call today.


It is Important now more than ever to invest in Precious Metals

As the dollar’s value decreases day-by-day, it is imperative that you preserve your wealth via Gold and Silver. We provide resources that explain why precious metals are the best store of value. 

Our Appraisal Process


Let Us See Your Precious Metals

Whether you send pictures via our website or physically bring them to our store, we professionally appraise your items.


Receive a Quote

Within an hour, we'll provide an estimated offer range for each item that has been submitted.


Finalize Sale and Get paid

Once the price has been agreed upon, we will then pay you for your items by cash, check, ACH Transfer, or wire.

Why Work With Us

Fair Appraisal

Decades of professional experience utilized for the most accurate pricing.

Fast Cash

We provide immediate cash-on-the-barrelhead for your precious metals.

Best Inventory

From bullion to jewelry, we have the widest range of precious metals stock available.

Most Trusted

Over 40 years of attested customer satisfaction in the precious metals industry.

Recently Purchased Items

Our portfolio demonstrates that we carry the highest quality inventory in the business.

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